HBO Game of Thrones Influencer Gift Box



In preparation for the launch of Game of Thrones Season 3, we were called upon to produce 200 entirely custom, handcrafted velvet lined wooden gift boxes with a hidden drawer and custom engraved covers. These would go out to the top bloggers and celebrity fans of the show.


From Beyoncé to Bruno Mars, this is a pretty tough crowd and they definitely need to be blown away. Did we mention this had to be done in 45 days?


We’ve collected some of the responses below. We think they speak for themselves…

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PGD Helps Launch HBO Series Veep

  PGD is pleased to present its latest completed assignment. You might ask, “What’s PGD doing in the plate business?” TASK Create a commemorative gold-trimmed ceramic plate to launch HBO’s newest series Veep. PGD was hired by HBO’s creative agency Omelet LA [] to create a full color image of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Veep […]