Marz Sprays | Package Design


We were approached by Marz Sprays with bottle designs already completed but no packaging or display. Our task was to design and structure packaging and displays with a unique and different marketing hook.


In a heavily competitive vitamin supplement world, how do you maintain a high retail price point and still get stores to carry your product?


Sourcing a unique clear plastic full-color package, we gave these products a high perceived value and established a niche brand for oral spray products that previously did not exist in the marketplace. What gained interest from major foreign and domestic retailers is the appeal of the plastic packaging and high impact display that communicates all that the product has to offer.

Accomplishing what they’d hoped for, Marz Sprays is now preparing to launch tests in Rite Aid & Walgreens as well as other retailers worldwide.

For more information check out:

The Magic of Chrystallia has Begun


Peter Green Design is pleased to have played a major role in helping to launch Paul Michael Glaser’s new fantasy novel, Chrystallia and the Source of Light.

For the past two years, PGD has worked with Paul on everything from marketing materials to book publishing to website production and we are now preparing the launch into his next phase; Paul will be taking his novel on a nationwide press tour. This will be followed shortly after with plans for turning Chrystallia into a feature film.

Below is a poster from one of Paul’s many in-store readings that he has embarked upon. He will be at Barnes & Noble in Studio City this Saturday at 3PM. You can order a copy of his inspiring book here:

Justice League “Deco” Merchandise Art

PGD’s latest SUPERASSIGNMENT, powerful art for a powerful franchise…


Create eight “Justice League” images for Warner Bros. Consumer Products to be used for posters, t-shirts, etc.


With literally hundreds of Justice League character images created over the last fifty years, Warner Bros. asks for a “Deco” style which gives a more adult or sophisticated look to the characters and opens up an entirely new market for this property.


After seeing the presentation of our images the VP Creative at Warner Bros. Consumer Products stated, “This is phenomenal! One of the best collections of art I’ve ever seen. I mean it.” We couldn’t have been more pleased with that result. What do you think?

Merchandise will soon be available @ Target stores across the country:


PGD Helps Launch HBO Series Veep


PGD is pleased to present its latest completed assignment. You might ask, “What’s PGD doing in the plate business?”


Create a commemorative gold-trimmed ceramic plate to launch HBO’s newest series Veep. PGD was hired by HBO’s creative agency Omelet LA [] to create a full color image of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Veep star on a ceramic plate with gift box, letter and display easel that would be mailed to top media personnel for promotional launch purposes.


To maneuver through the necessary approval maze in a highly compressed time frame without sacrificing quality or increasing budget.


Did it. Response from bloggers has been nothing but positive.

Watch the series premiere April 22 at 10PM:


Denise Richards Launches New Fragrance Line

Denise Richards has chosen PGD client Parfumologie to release her new fragrance line and Parfumologie has chosen PGD to provide photography for all marketing of this new line.

Peter, working with his former associate Bill Wallen, created the entire packaging and branding of Parfumologie’s first product THE AMERICA LINE – a unique line of Marine, Navy, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard colognes currently in the marketplace worldwide.

Peter’s photographer David Blattel, who he has worked with for over 25 years, shot Denise in multiple situations that will be adapted to her packaging and advertising campaign. ABC’s Nightline just featured the photo shoot in their recent interview with Denise.

Peter states that Denise was a pleasure to work with, very professional and extremely cooperative throughout the entire shoot of almost 400 images. She provided more than 10 times the amount of material for me to work with than the average celebrity shoot.

It’s time for the White House Shuffle… Introducing Politicards 2012!

Award-winning caricaturist Peter Green, once again, after 40 years of portraying our players and pundits, is marrying each of this season’s new personalities with their appropriate movie character and quote.

The combination of these Washington insiders with their Hollywood counterparts makes for lively speculation while playing card games or just enjoying the art.

Good Morning America has called Politicards the “#1 Political Collectible of the Year!”