Peter Green’s 1972 LA Times article, “Politicards Sweeping Nation”

Monday, December 27 1971

Politicards Sweeping the Nation
By Bella Stumbo

A disheveled, determined Sen. John Tunney is caught primping painstakingly before his boudoir mirrorcomb guided by a nearby portrait of John Kennedy.Tricia Nixon, overwhelmed by a mass of blonde hair and an angelic smile, has become a Playboy bunny.

Gov. Ronald Reagan, reduced to a paroxysm of uncontrollable rage, grits his teeth, clenches his fists and stomps a hippie.

Martha Mitchell is lying abed with a telephone, a martini and whimsical grin; Lyndon Johnson, looking like a toothlessly benign granny, serves up a barbequed bomb on a bun, while Sen. Edward Brooke blithely chomps watermelon and J. Edgar Hoover lecherously peeps through somebody’s window.

And so on.
But all in jest, of course.

It’s only the latest bit of slick political satire to sweep the nation, winning the hearts of harpoonery hounds everywhere, threatening even the heretofore unchallenged throne of Spiro Agnew wristwatches.

They’re called, aptly enough, Politicards. Full decks of plastic-coated, non-frayable living-color playing cards, which bear the bitingly humorous caricatures of 50 percent of the country’s most powerful or prominent political figureseverybody from a rat-faced, ermine-clad Richard Nixon (king of spades) to an evil-eyed smirking Billy Graham looming over a flock of frightened sheep (5 of clubs).


PGD launches online museum showcasing historical work

In celebration of over 30 years of work, Peter Green Design has launched a mini-site which showcases pieces from the life of Peter Green and Peter Green Design. Randomly selected pieces under a range of categories (from movie posters to iconic retro products) were curated by the studio. Anecdotal commentaries have been provided by Peter to give behind-the-scenes insight.

PGD creates new division, PGDe, to cater exclusively to the entertainment industry

Over the decades, Peter Green Design has produced complete entertainment campaigns for hundreds of films from the major movie studios in Hollywood: Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox Studios, Universal Studios and Buena Vista Home Entertainment, etc. In order to better service studio clients, we have set up a new division with a specific team which will more effectively meet their needs.
“The demand from varied and diverse industry sectors over the recent years has necessitated the formation of PGDe, which will focus more solidly on our long standing entertainment relationships.” -Peter Green, President of Peter Green Design Studios, Inc.

NFL signs Peter Green Design as official agency for new product line…

NFL PLAYERS ASSOC. commissioned Peter Green Design (Glendale, CA) to create all of the unique imagery for the NFL PLAYERS Caricature line, its first exclusively licensed collection featuring illustrations of current NFL players on a combination of T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, school supplies and other non-apparel products.

The unique player images are owned exclusively by NFL PLAYERS and highlight player personalities and individual elements reflective of the markets in which they play.

“The objective of the Caricature line is to showcase our top players in a fresh and lifestyle setting, enabling fans to more directly connect with their favorite players as individual personalities,” said Keith Gordon, President of NFL PLAYERS.

PGD launches new web site, representing a showpiece for its interactive services

Peter Green Design holds a rich history of creative services –from providing hand drawn illustrations for famous publications more than 30 years ago; to executing complete film marketing campaigns; to creating popular in-house products; to branding corporate companies…

You can now include full interactive/web design, programming and marketing solutions to our spread of services. PGD has a dedicated “interactive” team that have produced award-winning web sites for major studios and product companies. In recognition of this, our efficient and subtly animated site now serves as an example of various possibilities.