From movie campaigns
and groovy custom frames
to software packaging
and idea hatching

In a nutshell, you might say we specialize in product-developmental-brand2market-manufacturing-sourcing-entertainment-result-oriented-creatively-implemented-go2-leave-happy-stuff! Need more clues? Keep exploring.

As a creative agency, PGD provides a full range of services which include print and interactive/web design, illustration, product development, consulting and marketing/branding solutions.
PGD consults with select individuals, groups, corporations and studios. Peter lends his expert knowledge and resources to facilitate business and creative strategies as well as marketing/branding direction. He has consulted with clients such as Viacom’s Neopets, Sony Pictures and Disney Imagineering.
Peter has served on the board of Athletes & Entertainers for Kids for over 15 years. AEFK is a charitable organization benefiting kids-at-risk through fundraising programs like Shaqtacular, an annual Shaquille O’Neal hosted event (while he was a Laker) and Tim Brown’s Golf Tournament. He is also on the board of 911-for-Kids, the foundation for disaster and emergency preparedness and response training. Additionally, PGD created the only in-school California earthquake preparedness program.
the process
Peter personally meets with every client. He discusses every aspect of the project and its goals. He employs his uncanny ability to ascertain elements of each company/product that can be exploited or emphasized to accomplish maximum marketing response. Each project has its own unique demands and needs to be understood and dealt with thoroughly on its own terms. This takes patience, ingenuity and persistence as well as a complete understanding of the marketplace one is targeting. A common response heard from PGD clients is “I never thought of it that way!” And let’s face it, if you did you certainly wouldn’t need PGD.

Since each project is unique, tailored programs are generated after a series of ideas are brought to the drawing board. These programs are formulated through an objective discipline and defined with a purposeful design direction. Peter prepares detailed renderings to guide the project’s development. Having been in the marketing/design business as long as Peter has been, he is able to draw from a large pool of strategic alliances/resources to facilitate the goals at hand. He combines these forces with his expert staff to engage his team in the assignments. Timelines are created to ensure delivery goals are met.

The design phase is initiated. Adventurous artwork takes shape via fine art and digital methods and is relentlessly evaluated and balanced amongst the team until ideal points are reached. These ideal points are based on ensuring that accurate and effective messages are being conveyed and goals are achieved. PGD absorbs the subject’s core values in order to express relatable, intelligent and magnetic visual communications.

The creative work is prepared for client presentation/approval, which becomes fully realized/translated to a tangible medium. The result must cogently and economically carry forward to the intended audience and meet the exact needs of each client. When applicable, PGD capably manages printing/manufacturing through our strategic production partners. Final delivered products are measured and verified for success.