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As an accomplished illustrator, Peter became active in the graphic design industry over 30 years ago, during the new Hollywood media developments in the 70’s and 80’s. Peter and his team continue to offer intelligent and effective creative solutions delivered through a highly-personalized approach.

Peter Green Design believes in conceptual thinking, creative problem-solving and a personalized approach. Creative services are executed by thoughtfully balancing business acumen and aesthetic purpose. Peter dismisses undue importance placed on design firms with “prestigious” names and rejects convoluted rhetoric for his no-nonsense approach. We do have a few client requirements however: 1. Fun (i.e. entertaining, interesting, amusing, enjoyable) projects
. 2. Simpatico clients
. 3. Fair exchange. You can say we don’t pay much attention to competing in the industry. But we are confidently prepared to deliver jobs other design houses would wince at. How? Because challenges are what we thrive on. Drawing from our vast and diverse experience of over thirty years allows us to succeed against impossible odds- we’ve never shied away from the tightest of deadlines, we’ve come up with measurably effective marketing solutions for the zaniest and obscurest of products and delivered workable answers to complex design problems time and time again.

We might add, Peter has been known to bestow his illustrative abilities and art background to projects, allowing for a unique advantage in visualizing ideas through traditional yet dynamic hand sketches and storyboards.


Founded in the ‘70s by established illustrator Peter Green, the PGD creative team remains a varied talent pool of strong designers with fine art foundations. Peter got his start as a professional caricature artist- providing his unique charcoal style for respected magazines like Esquire, Life, New York Magazine and host of national news and media outlets. He advanced through the creative industry as a pioneering “old school” graphic/production artist and Cibachrome lab proprietor, photographer and retoucher and has worked alongside notables like Steven Spielberg and prolific record label execs. The original demand for PGD’s services was a result of his developed style of “illustration photography”, in which he melded the two forms together.Over the decades, PGD has produced complete entertainment campaigns for hundreds of films of major and independent movie studios in Hollywood. For 13 years, PGD created and produced a Fox magazine called Fox Totally Kids, the most successful children’s magazine in history with a subscription membership of 5 million and readership of 8 million. Additionally, Peter himself served as Creative Consultant to Viacom’s Neopets, one of the most popular and largest kids online site with 25 million members worldwide and now serves as Creative Advisor to Age of Learning, an upcoming online revolutionary educational system.

PGD has created and marketed its own products including Politicards, a collection of 54 caricatures on playing cards and one of the most sought after collectibles every election year. Another PGD licensed brand, AllPro Deal, contains lines of sports-themed (NBA, NASCAR and NFL among others) collectible cards, and has become a year-round retail draw.